Meet our forever fosters...

...wait, what's a forever foster?

Sometimes dogs come in to our care that we think may be difficult to rehome, often because they are in their twilight years, or they have an existing medical condition.

In these cases, Almost Home offers to cover medical expenses, in exchange for a loving home for them to spend their, hopefully many, remaining years.

We couldn't do this without the support of generous people like you!

Below you can meet our forever fosters and, if you wish to do so, sponsor them monthly.


Here at Almost Home Dog Rescue we have made a few changes! We have changed King Arthur’s castle for a more suitable long term residence for him plus we have modified Arthurs old castle to become an isolation and whelping unit.💚 All of this was done with funds from an extremely kind and supportive volunteer 😍 Arthur has been with us almost 2 years and he is a old lad who just wants to live out the rest of his days with people he knows and his own routine. A previous rehoming didn’t work out for him as he takes a long time to trust people and can be unpredictable when excited...which has resulted in him biting a couple of times. Therefore we have decided that Arthur is going to be staying at Almost Home Dog Rescue for the rest of his days as a forever foster. ❤️ That’s why he needed a new castle!👑 We know Arthur has a huge following and a lot of people who love him dearly. He even has volunteers who only come up to walk him! 💕As Arthur is a forever foster, you can sponsor him monthly. These funds can go towards his vet and food bills, also maintaining his new castle to a high enough standard! 💚 We thank you for your on going support and understanding! We simply couldn’t do it without you!💛

- Almost Home x


We’ve had our little Brucey a few weeks now. He's settled very well and sleeps on our bed. He loves a little walk on the beach and loves his ball. We just adore him. Thank you, Almost Home Dog Rescue, for letting us give Brucey his forever home.

- Michelle x


Buddy is an absolute sweetheart- a 5 year old jack russell cross. He's settled really well with his two adoptive brothers Rupert and Rodney. He's a lovely gentle boy who loves to sniff and potter around the house and garden. He has few health issues, one being epilepsy, and will generally have a fit every few weeks. He'll need medication for the rest of his life. We're so glad almost home was around to help find this lovely lad his forever foster home with us.

- Rosie, Liz and Linda x


Ever since my potential Foster sister Lilly came to see me back in March this year my life has been nothing short of daily fun-filled adventures...! ‘Cos Lilly is blind we now help each other. She shows me the exciting new walks that are familiar to her and I guide her with unfamiliar territory. The village I live in is fab. So many daily country walks. I go everywhere with my new family. We’ve only just come back home from a week-long travel where I crossed the sea on a ship and travelled many miles by car (with many stops) to enjoy a ‘holiday’ in the South of France...! Cool or what...?!! The private grounds and swimming pool was cool as well...! I now have me own passport too...!! The only thing I don’t understand yet is when my two daddies look at me and say they are so lucky their tears fall... I thought tears were because you were sad.... After a huge sigh, my new sister assures me it’s because they are happy and she finishes off by sayin’: “Watch out Bro’, they’re off again.....”

- Buddy x


What can I say. He is a lovely dog, loves lots of fuss and cuddles! Gets on great with people and dog's. Good on lead and off lead in large fields that surround us. If there is an issue it's he has to be encouraged to eat, that aside he has put on 2 kilos. Loves his walks. We would be lost without him!

- Tim x

Jilly & Lexi

These girls have settled in very well and are really part of the family now! They can be let of the lead in the fields and the beach, both come back when called. We adore these girls and they are simply amazing.

- Denise x


A happy girl who has fitted in to the park well. It’s so rewarding, seeing her grow and become happy! She adores her walks and loves the other members of the pack.

- Alex x


Millie is a 10 + year old working cocker spaniel. She's timid when she first meets you and needs time to develop her confidence. She's starting to settle in her forever foster home with consistency and clear rules. She's a bright girl, starting to trust and love life. She loves nothing more that a walk, chasing a ball and a cuddle.💜

- Debbie x


The cheekiest dog I have ever had, not a day goes by without him making us laugh. It hasn’t been easy but completely worth it. We are lucky to have him.

- Gillian x


Pablo is 12 years old, and the happiest little dog in the world! He's absolutely tiny (Think Guineapig on stilts!). Sadly, due to poor breeding, his skull is deformed, and his tongue is too large for his throat, making breathing a bit of a chore for him, and barking even more. He also has a deformed rear leg and foot. None of this get him down, and he spends his days napping and getting VERY excited about being fed! He has the occasional excursion into the large garden his fosterers have, and is really quite content with his lot.

- Jan x


Peggy is the tiniest Springer Spaniel who was found as a stray. We think she'd have quite a story to tell if she could. It's thought she was a working Spaniel and it's evident she's had multiple litters. She's estimated to be between 10 - 12-years old and she just needs a quiet, safe, warm retirement home to rest her weary head. When Almost Home Dog Rescue took her on her feet were soft and her pads raw. She had no muscle mass in her back legs and the vet says she has hip problems. She's thought to be hard of hearing and her eyesight compromised. Despite all these issues when placed into foster with some medication to ease her aches and pains she's slowly transforming into a different dog. She has tonnes of personality. Her party trick is to drop 'dead' like a mongoose! 😂 She has oodles of love to share but is very selective about who she offers that love to. She's found her forever foster home with a fellow Almost Home Dog Rescue Lurcher companion who also enjoys his home comforts. Please sponsor Peggy to give her the comfort she truly deserves ❤

- Nicola x


This little lad was in and out of homes due to his aggressive behaviour. Unfortunately, his behaviour originated from people treating him like a baby, dressing him up and taking him out him in Prams. Stan is a clever lad and learnt if he bit them when they were forcing him to do something, they would then let go and he could do what he wanted.😔 Stan has been with me nearly 18 months. His behaviours are difficult at times, however, he has improved massively! He has trust issues beyond anything I have seen before. However, each week he is slightly calmer and more relaxed! 💙Stan loves to play with cats and dogs. He adores people playing with him, but he doesn’t like being fussed. It takes a long time for Stan to trust you, however, he is 90% there with me now! It’s the little things which mean the most when you take on a dog no one wanted! 🐶 This lad has everyone in stitches and he is so gentle when he needs to be, also he is can stand his ground. We both learn each day and I know I will never have a dull day as long as Stan is around! I wouldn’t change him for the world. 💚

- Lauren x


I got my forever foster dog, Tye, in March 2018. I kept seeing his picture on the Almost Home Dog Rescue Facebook page and my heart went out to this little guy. I have already got 2 rescue dogs, a 13 year old golden retriever and a 7 year old greyhound ,so he has a ready made family. I guess I felt a kin with him as his world had been turned upside down, just as mine had too. My beloved partner had died back in December and had left a huge hole in my heart. So, I guess me and Tye rescued each other. Love this little guy xxx

- Jo x


Poor Billy was very sick. He was falling over, couldn't eat and his eyes were darting side to side and his eyebrows were twitching all the time. We'd seen something similar in one of our other dogs. It's called vestibular syndrome and it's to do with the inner ears. The vet gave him medication and after a few days he improved. Thank goodness! Took him for a check up yesterday and he seems so much better but he has to have more medication for 10 days and maybe forever. We have had Billy about 4 months and he had health problems when we fostered him but to see him settle into our lives is wonderful. When he was sick we were so concerned .He's such a lovely old boy and we're very glad he's with us.

- Alison x