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Everyone say hi to Toby! ❤️ Some of you may recognise him as he was on a home from home system however we soon realised this guy needed to be in a foster home. So that we could do some behavioural work with him. 👍🏼 Toby is a 4 year old, LhasaApso mix! Unfortunately this lad didn’t have the best start before his previous owners! This guy got brought in to iur care due to the family environment changing! 🐾 Since being in foster Toby has learnt a lot and so have we, we now know that Toby needs a terrier experience home with no children or cats. Preferably a female older dog in within the household. In his current foster home he is with another 11 dogs (plus two sensible human teenagers) which have showed him the way.He is now starting to play with the other dogs and act like a dog himself. However he behaviour issue is that he guards, mainly his bed and high reward items such as his bone. 🐶 He is slowly over coming this and with the right home he will blossom. This lad is fab in every other way; walks well on lead, good recall, loves going on walks, happy of his own for a few hours, travels well in the car and when he is in the mood he loves a cuddle or two! 😍 We simply need to find Toby a home where he is allowed to be a dog not toy! Someone who understands him and terriers. As always they will that the full support of the Almost Home Dog Rescue team and their behaviourist if needed!🤞🏼 Please share this guy far and wide, there must someone out their willing to give thus guy a shot!💚Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption;