Everyone meet our next resident.......Taz!❤️ Taz is a female boxer who is 8 years old! She is a signover due to her owner moving house, so we have some background information! ? Taz has lived with sensible children, other dogs, cats, livestock and horses without an issue. Taz is said to be house training and general all rounder!? Whilst being in our care this lady has been fab! She adores her fusses and cuddles and loves going out for walks as well. She walks well on lead once her excitement dies down! Taz also travels in the car well. She can jump in out with ease!? Taz has been been full vet check today and she is health girl with a strong heart! She is a couple of warts and fatty lumps but nothing to worry about! She adored being centre of attention at the vet!? This girl needs a loving home with plenty of fusses cuddles and walks involved!? Please share this lady far and wide!??? Remember to fill in the online form if you’re interested in offering her a home