Everyone meet our next poundie.... Ruby!🧑 This girl has only just come in to our care so we will tell you what we know so far! Ruby is a Staffie who is approximately 1 year old. She is a stunning little girl!😍 Ruby is a tad shy at first however we believe she has gone through the mill a little. As you can see she is quite thin and the vet believes she has had a litter of pups already!πŸ’”πŸ’” This girl adores having a fuss and cuddle, she needs a little reassurance now and then too. However she loves going in the car and she walks beautifully on lead!🐾 Ruby has been ok with dogs passing her on walks however will need some more socialising once her confidence grows. She adore being out and about too!πŸ’š This little girl has passed her full check with no issues at all. Ruby just need to gain some weight which will happen in no time! She is now in a foster home and settling in well! Ruby is a cuddle monster, who is starting to play with toys now as well!😍 This little girl just need a home with someone who going to show the nice side of people and the world we live in! 🀞🏼 This girl has a lot of love to give! Someone will be very lucky to have her in their life. She has a cracking personality!🧑 Please share!🀞🏼🐢 Remember to fill in the form below if youre interested in this little love ;