Everyone meet Snowy and Pablo!?? These guys are heartbreakers and have come in to our care due to their owners pour health! ? Both lads have been loved and cared for well. But recently the owner has struggled and therefore the best thing for the boys, was for them to come in to our care! ? We have now found a forever foster where both boys stay together. This is due to how bonded they are! The forever foster is a loving home where Almost Home Dog Rescue cover the vet bills for life! They now have a nice, loving, warm home to live out their days!? Now let’s meet the boys! ? ?Snowy - bichon frise - 14 years old. Stage 4 heart murmur, no teeth, hole in the roof of his mouth, in need of general TLC - Grooming - nails clipping, only weighs 5kg so need to gain weight and muscle, failing eye sight. However a happy lad who loves cuddles and trotting around the garden!? ?Pablo - chihuahua - 10-12 years old. Needs to lose weight - currently 3.4 kg, general TLC needed - nails and grooming, rotten teeth and needing to gain muscle, very heavy and rattly breathing. However an character who loves a fuss and a little walk!? Both dogs have their health issues however they aren’t in pain and have been full vet checked yesterday. They are lovely lads with massive personalities. Both adore people and other dogs. They have lived with cats and respectful children with no issues! They both travel well and love attention! ? At Almost Home Dog Rescue, we feel that these guys deserve a chance as much as any other dog!??? If you would like sponsor these guys or any of our forever fosters monthly please head over to the website. ?