Everyone meet our latest poundie....NORA!?? This little pup is tiny approx 7/8 weeks old and we believe she is a collie. She was found as a stray and is now safe in our care! ? Nora is only tiny, in fact she only weighs 1.4lkg. She was full off worms! She needs to gain weight and muscle.?However yesterday at the vets, she passed a full health check and started her vaccinations! ? This girl came in to our care yesterday and is now in a foster home until we find her her forever home! She is doing amazingly well in her foster home with a JRT x and a Staffie X. They’re showing her the way!?? This stunning girl needs a home where is body and mind will be exercised, when she is old enough! Remember that a puppy will grow in to a active and very clever dog. She is 10 year plus commitment! Please ensure you have the time for a puppy especially this time of year! She is going to mess in the house and chew shoes etc!? Consider all of the above before applying!? Ensure you put a lot of detail on your application, as she is going to very popular!?