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Everyone say Hi to our next resident ..... Merlin !💙 Merlin is an approximately 9 months old , border collie. Sadly his life hasn’t been great.... he is a very nervous lad. 💔However luckily for him, a visitor to the farm saw him and bought him. They looked after him and gave him all the TLC he could wish for. Sadly they can’t keep him so he is looking for his forever home where he can carry on his building his conference! Our mission is to find him a him the perfect home!🤞🏼❤️ This lad is a lovely and very gentle. He is a tad nervous of new people but this is to expected. However there has been no signs of aggression whatsoever. You can gain his trust within a few minutes!😍 Merlin has passed a full health check and is being neutered soon. He walks on lead and travels well. This lad is social with other dogs and loves a fuss once he trusts you. Overall he is doing great!🥰 We are trying to find Merlin a home with someone who is active and will exercise him both mentally and Physically! Who will also work towards building his confidence! We feel this lad needs to live with another dog who is going to show him the way!🤞🏼🐶 Some notes from his foster family; What he loves : - playing in the garden chasing balls! (he's still learning that he needs to bring the ball back for it to be thrown again!) - running around like crazy - having cuddles and belly rubs - playing tug He still runs / shies away if you walk directly to him. But he will come up to you of his own choice for cuddles. He is house trained, knows some commands such as 'bedtime' and he'll go into his crate and he is used to sleeping in a crate. He has had lots of experience travelling in the back of the van and car and is fine with it. Please share him far and wide! 💚 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adopting this lad;