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Everyone meet our next resident ....Max!😍 Max is simply stunning the photos, his don’t do him justice. He is 1 year old in September and is looking for home due to no fault of his own . Max is going to stay with his current owners until we find him the right home!🀞🏼 This lad is a typical collie, full of life and character with the energy level to match. Unfortunately Max is need of a home due to the family current situation changing and they feel he needs more than they can give him!🐢 On assessment Max was good on lead and walked well on a lead slip. He loves playing off lead in the paddock and wanted to play fetch. He was more than happy for you to take the ball off him and liked having a fuss. Max can be a tad shy at first but quickly over comes this. He is the same the dogs.πŸ’š With a little bit more stimulation and socialisation, he will blossom! Max is everything you look for in a dog, someone is going to be lucky to have him. πŸ’› Max is good in the house, he is clean and happy to left for a few hours as well. He loves his toys and going out in the car. This lad is also crate trained! This lad knows his basic commands including; Sit, wait, stay and leave! His recall needs abit more work but this will come over time!πŸ’™ Please share this stunning lad far and wide! 🀞🏼🐢 Remember if you’re interested in possibly adopting this boy, you need to fill in the form below;