Everyone say Hi to our next poundie ..... Marge!😘πŸ₯° This girl is a heartbreaker, she is simply fabulous!!😍 She takes everything in her stride! πŸ’› Marge has come in from the pound today, so there will be more details to come. However so far we know; She is brilliant with people - she will paw you if stop stroking her! Marge loves human interaction! She will sit and wait for her a treat! πŸ’š This little lady loves to travel in the car, she simply sits and watches the world go by. She loves the vets, because everyone was fussing her!! She passed a health check with no issues whatsoever. The vets feel she is around 10 years old!πŸ’› Marge loves other dogs and will happily walk on her own or with others. She loves to plod around and have a good nosey! Someone needs this girl as a best friend. She would love to chill on a sofa at night with lots of cuddles and in the day enjoy company and some gentle walks!🐾🐾 More details and photos to come over the coming days! πŸ’™ Please share far and wide so we can find her a retirement home!🀞🏼 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adopting this lady!