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Everyone say Hi to our next resident ..... Lola!😍 Lola came in to our due to original owners feeling she deserves have a better life than they could offer her. This girl has lived outside all her life, however is said to be crate trained! 🐶 Lola is a 6 year old, chunky black lab. Who adores everyone, she is supper friendly ( hugs everyone) and is a very typical of the breed in many ways. She adores playing with toys and will play fetch all day if she could. She knows some basic commands including; sit, paw, wait, gently! She is knows the commands in Welsh and English. Lola is more than happy for you to take toys and food away from her if needed!❤️ This girl was strong on lead when she came first came in, we have now trained her to walk on a Gencon (headcollar) and she is doing fab. She is fine in traffic however can sometimes react to cyclists. This is decreasing with gencon. Lola adores going out in the car, she will jump in and out without an issue. 💙 Lola has been ok walking with the other dog so far but we haven’t had her off lead with dogs yet. She has only been with us a couple of days. Lola has passed a health check and we have re started her vaccinations as they were out of date. Lola has previously lived with a cat who she would chase but wanted to play with. However we as a rescue haven’t seen her around a cat yet. 🐾 We are trying to find Lola a home with someone who is active and will exercise her both mentally and Physically. Someone who is going to show her the big wide world!🤞🏼🐶 More updates to come over the coming days!💚