Everyone say hello to Josh who was one of the J gang back in Dec 2017.😍 He has been brought back in to our care due to him being stressed when he is left on his own. He howls, however is not destructive at all. He has been returned again to this barking and the residetn dog not bonding with him, however he adores her. 🤞🏽 Whilst he has been in foster Josh has started to be left for short periods of time with another dog and is improving well!🐶😁 This lad has been brilliant. Josh is amazing with other dogs and adores people! Josh is great with chidlren too. This pup has had no issues in the car or over night. He slept in his own bed all night and he is clean over night too!❤️ Josh is responding very well to positive reinforcement training and is eager to please! He is a very clever lad who loves to learn!🐶 He knows the following commands so far; 🐾Sit 🐾Nicely 🐾Wait 🐾Bed 🐾Here Josh walks well on lead and listen to corrections, his recall is getting better by the day too! 😁 This lad will need an active home where he isnt left for long periods of time. He is a collie x terrier who is approx 7 months old and we believe they will grow to collie size. 💙 He needs a home with people who are willing to put time and effort in to training this lad, however they will have full rescue back up as always. Josh does come with a training plan.🐾 We really need this next move to be his last, he is an curuical time of his development and he needs constanitcy. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding this lad.