Everyone meet our next residents ..... Dotty and Jack!🥰 Dotty and Jacks are siblings who are Cocker/ springer/ Lab mixes. They are 11 months and very high energy as you can imagine! 💜 Both dogs are lovely. However they are going to need a VERY special home. We are going to try rehome them together. This is because Dotty was born completely deaf and she relays on Jack a lot. 🥰😍 They are both happy and very out going dogs. However they aren’t for the didn’t hearted. They have both extremely clever and active, results in them needing a lot of exercise both mentally and physically! 💚 Dotty and Jack are said to be housetrained, happy to travel in cars, ok with cats and other dogs too. They both love the amazing outdoors and having adventures. 🐾 If you think you have the time, patience and love for these dogs please complete the form. However understand that they are going to need a lot of input. Specially with Dotty being deaf! As always the full back up of the rescue and our behaviourists are on offer for the rest of their lives!💛 We are not doing any adoptions until 2020 now, however you can still put the applications form in!🐶 Please share this pair of lovelies!🤞🏼 Remember to complete the adoption fo if you’re interested in adopting Dotty and Jack!;