Everyone meet our latest Almost Home Dog Rescue residents!? These beautiful pups are approx 16 weeks old and are wonderfully natured too! ? They have only just come in to the care of Almost Home Dog Rescue therefore we will know more about them soon! ? Here’s what we know so far; Nelly and Inka!?? They are approx 16 weeks old and crossbreeds - mother was a lab cross! Nelly and Inka are very leggy girls!These girls a beautiful inside and out. ? Considering that they are only pups they are quite chilled! However their confidence grows we are sure they will be full of it like typical pups are!❤️ Nelly is all black and she is diva! She is fully aware she is beautiful and works it well! Nelly is a very clever girl too!? Inka is tan and black - she is the one who loves getting out and about! She loves to play too!? These leggy ladies are truly sweethearts! They are learning how to walk on leads and that the world is an exciting adventure! The girls are fab at travelling too. ? However they are only young! Therefore they need families with lots of love, time and patience! ??? Please share these girls far and wide!?