Everyone meet our next poundie!? Meet ole blue eyes himself! ? This stunning lad is Frank! He only came in to our care yesterday. However he hasn’t put a paw wrong!? Frank is approx 8 years old! He travels amazingly in the car. He has been brilliant with all different breed of dogs too!? This lad is more than happy being brushed and groomed. He is a calm lad who walks perfectly on lead, he doesn’t pull! You don’t know you are walking him!? Frank has basic training ‘sit’ and ‘paw’. He is happy socialising with dogs bigger and smaller than him too! He will share water bowls and his toys.? We went to the vets today and he was happily greeting ‘strangers’ and was good on his health check! Frank didn’t mind being handled either. He does have a few warts. We have done unrinevand blood tests, just be sure.?Update; urine and blood tests have come back and he has the all clear.??? Husky’s are not an easy breed and need someone with an understanding of the breed and their needs. However this lad is the calmest husky we have met! Someone at some point has put in a lot of work and effort in to this lad. He has good general manners and he is very social with people and dogs!? Please share this stunning lad far and wide and get him the home he deserves!???