Everyone meet our next resident ..... Dora!πŸ’œ Dora is a 8/9 week old puppy who is. Staffie mix! She has come from and awful background and thankfully saved from a worse future!😘 This girl is only 2kg so a small girl at the moment. However she is doing well, she is a foster home with others dog and doing well! She is slowly learning that she is ok and nothing is going to hurt her!😍 This little mite has passed a full health check and started her vaccinations. She will be spayed when old enough. 🐢 Dora is a young girl who needs lot of input, time, effort and training. Pups bite, scratch, chew etc! She is a 10 year plus commitment! We are looking for a home with time and patient needed for a pup especially Dora who has had an awful start!πŸ’”πŸ’› Please share this little lady far and wide!🀞🏼 Remember if you’re interested in adopting Dora to fill out the form below;