Everyone meet our next resident ..... Buster! ? Buster is a springer x cocker spaniel who is 7 years old! This lad is full of life and adores his walks! As you can see Buster is overweight! He had been to our vets today and he needs to lose 5/7 kg!? however this is easily done as he loves being out and about!? This lad was fab at the vets, more than happy being handled! He is a very strong healthy heart and brilliant teeth! ❤️ Buster again is a sign over due to the owner moving house however this means we have some background information! This lad is said to be good with sensible children, dogs, cats, livestock and horses!? Whilst with us buster has been amazing! No issues whatsoever! He adores his walks and walks well in leads once he has calmed down. He will soon start shedding those extra kgs!? Please share this lad far and wide!??? Remember to fill in the online form if you’re interested in offering him a forever home!