Everyone meet our next group of residents... Bonny and her 7 pups! 🐶 Important: If you are interested in the puppies, please fill in the form using the "Enquire" button below. Please don't call us regarding the puppies, we are only a small team and are very busy, all the information you need is available in this post - you will just be directed to the online form if you do call. Thank you for your understanding 👍 Bonny was signed over due to being pregnant. Meaning the puppies were born here on site!! They are now nearly 7 weeks weeks old! 😍These guys were an accidental litter between Bonny, a Basset Hound and a Spaniel! We need homes for all the pups and for Bonny! She is a cracking girl who now deserves the best life possible. She has been an amazing mother to these pups, and now it’s time for her to be looked after to the same high standard she has looked after her pups! She is brilliant with people, loves nothing more than going out in the field and curling up next to you for cuddles! 🧡 The pups are in need of homes with dog experience, with no young children or full time workers as pups chew, bite, scratch, go to the toilet whenever they want and they need a lot of input! They need lots of training, socialising and stimulation! 💛 If you’re interested in having one of the pups please complete the application form below, however, we will match the pups to the best suited family! ( Meaning you can’t pick which one!) All pups will be neutered ASAP! We know the pups and their individual personalities so we will match them to the enquiries! 🤞🏼 They will not be available to view to the public! (Too stressful for mum and pups.) We will be aiming for them to go after their second vaccination in a few weeks, if we are still happy with their development! If you are interested fill out the form, from there our team will go through the forms and invite a select few forward. 💛 Please consider the seriousness of adopting a puppy and research the breeds! 🐶