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🐶Special appeal for Bear!🐶 Unfortunately Bear has been brought back to us due to the adopters, not being willing to work with our behavourists and only gave him a week to settle! We need to find Bear a home with people who dont make false promises and are willing to work side by side with us as a team and carry out the behavioural plan. Since being back Bear has been with his foster family, which he adores now that he has got to know them. However this takes time, pantence and effort from all parties in the household.🐶 When he first arrived, he was scared of everyone and wouldn't go anywhere near the other dogs. 💔He now loves his foster parents and absolutely loves playing with both dogs.❤️ However, he is still finding strangers who come in to the house VERY scary, so needs slow and careful introductions to any new people. To introduce him to people, they need to meet him outside of the home and go fro a short walk with him and simply ignore him in the house. He will come to when he is ready. Bear has this fear due to the past enironment he was in. He would settle best in a quieter home, where visitors are less frequent.With someone who is understanding, compasionate and willing!🤞🏼 Once he knows and trusts you, he will be your best friend. He loves a cuddle and is happy to be handled and groomed.😍😘This boy is housetrained, sleeps and travels well in his crate and walks nicely.He absolutely loves his food and treats.💛 Please share this lad far and wide, lets find this boy the understanding home he needs!!🤞🏼 Remember if you’re interested in adoption fill in the form below;