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Meet Arthur, an older Collie who has been saved from the pound. This lad has had a hard life with little to no love! So it takes him a while to trust you! However once he trusts you, you have a friend for life! He loves being out and about sniffing and running about! Arthur likes a fuss once he knows you ..... which doesn’t take too long! Over the short period we have had him at Almost Home Dog Rescue HQ, he has changed dramatically for the good! We are still learning about him, like he is with us! ? However we are looking for home with collie experience and people who are willing to work with him. Arthur is going to be a project dog, he isn’t just going to fit in to someones busy life. He needs time, patience and love! Update; Let me tell you about our Arthur ? This boy came to us just before Christmas from the pound. He was a very nervous, mentally scarred lad. We have worked with Arthur for months to get him to the stage were once he trusts you, he adores you. He loves walking through the fields and lanes here and lives quite happily in his large kennel and run here at AH ? You know we always tell you the truth about our dogs so we are not hiding the fact that Arthur has bitten. This is nearly always when he isn’t ready to trust you yet. Staff and some volunteers here can do anything with this boy ? I personally have studied Arthur since he came to us and I honestly don’t think he's quite all there ? That said, once he has built a bond with you he is your best friend and just wants to be with you ? Some people may think Arthur should be put to sleep...... I don’t! I can see something still in the boy! He just needs to be given the time to learn to trust you........ can you help our Arthur? Collie experience and a child free home are required ? Our boy has clearly had a tough life so far, we would love to find him a place to call home for his retirement ?